Published: 25/01/2019 12:57 - Updated: 25/01/2019 13:05

Drones to be operated above RAF Lossiemouth

drones drone THE military will be flying drones in the skies above RAF Lossiemouth during a fortnight-long military exercise starting Monday.

An RAF Lossiemouth spokesman said: "Operation of the unmanned air system may take place any time day or night between January 28 and February 12.

"The equipment will be operated by fully trained Force Protection personnel and will be operated within and up to the perimeter of the base.

"The system is part of a wide-ranging assessment of future force protection methods available.

"This demonstration provides an opportunity for RAF personnel to understand its capabilities and relevance in a military airspace environment.

"Safety of our aircraft and personnel on the ground is paramount. 

"The demonstration is authorised by the Military Aviation Authority and all flights within RAF Lossiemouth’s military air traffic zone are co-ordinated with station flight operations and controlled by Air Traffic Control."

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