Published: 20/01/2017 09:00 - Updated: 20/01/2017 12:25

Offer can help save money and be eco-friendly but clock is ticking

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Your thermostat should be set between 18C and 21C.

Scottish Government Viewpoint

INTEREST free loans of up to £15,000 are available to help you install eco-friendly energy saving improvements to your home that could save you money.

The Scottish Government is offering the unsecured loans to householders for the installation of a variety of measures, including solid wall insulation, double glazing or a new boiler. Landlords with multiple properties are eligible for up to £100,000 in total.

For a limited time, householders are also eligible to receive money back of 25 per cent of their quoted costs, up to a maximum of £3750.

The Scottish Government's interest free, unsecured loans of up to £15,000 to householders for installing energy efficiency measures can fund 75 per cent of the cost for the improvements.

The cash back can pay for the 25 per cent balance.

If the loan is under £5000 you can choose a repayment time period of up to five years. If the loan amount is greater than £5000 you can spread the repayments over 10 years.

Home Energy, Scottish Government Viewpoint, Scottish Government
Doug the draught excluder.

Time is running out to capitalise on the offer – applicants must be able to complete works and claim funding by March 10 to benefit from it.

Whether you are looking to take advantage of the loan and cash back or not, free and impartial advice is available from Home Energy Scotland (HES) for those looking to take steps to save money on their bills.

The popular service, which is funded by the Scottish Government, dealt with more than 80,000 calls to its helpline last year.

It also has a network of centres that provide advice and guidance on a range of options to improve the warmth and energy efficiency of residential properties in Scotland.

They advise on the small day-to-day changes people can make to reduce their energy consumption and the bigger steps such as improving insulation, upgrading the heating system or taking advantage of domestic renewables.

They can also provide advice on whether homeowners or landlords qualify for any schemes that are designed to help tackle fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency.

Advisers are available Monday to Friday (8am-8pm) and Saturday (9am-5pm) on 0808 808 2282.

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