Published: 10/08/2017 16:08 - Updated: 10/08/2017 16:12

Huntly police in drugs car find

Ifyou have information phone the police on 101.POLICE stopped a driver in Huntly whose vehicle was not roadworthy and he was found to have drugs in the vehicle.

A quantity of cannabis was seized during the patrol on Tuesday, August 8.

The patrol was part of a crackdown on unroadworthy vehicles being driven in the area, some of them causing a noise nuisance.

The 33-year-old driver did not have a valid MoT for the vehicle and officers became suspicious of his behaviour and items seen in the vehicle which led them to carry out a drug search which uncovered the cannabis.

The man has been charged in connection with the incident and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

PC Jaromir Wernikowski said: "It is concerning that we stop a vehicle that is technically un-roadworthy and the occupant is in possession of drugs.

"The driver was clearly not under the influence whilst driving but the public should be assured that Police Scotland will deal with drug driving offences in the same fashion as drink driving and the penalties issued by the courts are equally severe with disqualification being the usual outcome."

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