Published: 22/12/2017 14:53 - Updated: 22/12/2017 14:57

Dog owner charged after Gartly sheep worrying


Farmers have the right to shoot dogs worrying their sheep.
Farmers have the right to shoot dogs worrying their sheep.
A 53-year-old woman has been charged following a sheep worrying incident in the Huntly area. 


Officers received a report on Tuesday, December 19, that several sheep at a farm at Gartly were injured.

The owner of the dog was subsequently charged and a report will be sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

Sergeant Ian Moeller said "After being unable to stop the dog, unfortunately the farmer had no choice but to humanely destroy it to prevent any further injury to his flock. It’s the last thing any famer would want to do however they are within their right to shoot dogs worrying sheep on their land as a last resort to prevent further injury."  

He added: "Sheep worrying incidents are completely tragic for everyone involved - there is the financial and emotional impact on the farmer, the suffering caused to the animals and the worst case scenario is that a dog can end up being killed. The sad thing is these incidents could be completely avoided if dogs are kept on leads, kept under control and measures are put in place to ensure they can’t escape when unsupervised.

 "I would also ask dog owners who are walking and exercising their dogs in the countryside to ensure they are constantly under control and to avoid going into fields where livestock is grazing.

"Sheep worrying is not a regular occurrence in the North East, however it is crucial incidents are reported to Police in order for them to be fully investigated. Once again this week we must stress how important it is to recognise the devastating consequences of a dog attacking, chasing or even being at large in a field where sheep are kept." 

 Anyone with concerns about livestock worrying can contact 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 to remain anonymous.

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