Published: 31/01/2017 16:18 - Updated: 31/01/2017 16:20

Alex Salmond urges North East to back SNP Brexit plans

GORDON MP Alex Salmond has called on the North East of Scotland to support the Scottish Government’s Brexit proposal - Scotland’s Place in Europe.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond.
Former First Minister Alex Salmond.

Published in December last year, the proposal sets out a proposal to keep Scotland within the membership of the European single market.

Mr Salmond’s call for support follows a report published yesterday by think tank Centre for Cities, which showed that 61% of the North East’s exports go to the European Union.

Mr Salmond claims that is further evidence that a Tory hard Brexit will be bad for jobs and household incomes in Scotland. The report also found that exports from Aberdeen are worth a total of £18,100 per worker.

Commenting ahead of the Commons debate on the triggering of Article 50, Mr Salmond said: "It is clear, now more than ever, that the North East, alongside the rest of the country is better off within the European single market.

"Our membership allows people in the North East and beyond to access goods and services from any other part of the single market, free from import taxes or other barriers.

"The UK Government’s plan to drag Scotland out of this market against the wishes of the people will be devastating to the economy in the North East.

"Just at the time when oil prices have begun to move in the right direction, the UK Government has decided on this act of self-inflicted economic madness.

"The North East, and Scotland as a whole, must unite behind the Scottish Government’s proposal to maintain our European connections and keep our membership of the largest single market place in the world."

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