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Improvements in the pipeline

Alvah Bowling Club, champions of the 1981 season, are pictured at their annual presentation of prizes at the Linhead Hall.
Alvah Bowling Club, champions of the 1981 season, are pictured at their annual presentation of prizes at the Linhead Hall.


Turriff water supply - The severe and long continued drought of the recent summer led to difficulties felt by many communities in the matter of the provision of an efficient water supply. Turriff has taken steps to make assurance in the matter doubly sure, and tomorrow Mrs Melvin, wife of the provost of the town, will act the principal ceremonial part in introducing into the burgh a largely augmented water supply. Those who administer the affairs of the community have rendered this necessary for the growth of the town with the ever-increasing extent to which water is used in the home, and by complaints that occasionally the supply in some parts of the burgh was inadequate. The opening of the new supply will give the community water of the finest quality, and so abundant that for years to come it will be sufficient to cope with any demands that the growing town may put upon it.


Harbour hopes - The proposed harbour improvement scheme at Macduff, which is now estimated to cost £148,000, will certainly give Macduff a first-class harbour, and one that will cope with developments in the fishing industry as far as the council can envisage them, said Provost Robert Henry. He was speaking at a meeting of Macduff Town Council last week, when the council members had before them plans and a detailed report of the scheme from their engineers. Provost Henry thought the controversial point with the fishermen was the fact that the removal of the middle jetty may cause motion in the harbour. The various points will be discussed more fully when a meeting of the harbour advisory committee and other officials is called. Bailie R.F.G. McLeod said: "We cannot do much until we get the views of the experts."


Andy digs up honours - A Banff man is now the proud owner of a rare medal awarded for gardening skill. In fact, local observers believe that Mr Andy Dey is only one of a handful of people in Scotland to have been awarded the prestigious Veitch Medal by the Royal Horticultural Society. Mr Dey of Lintmill, Alvah, received his medal this week from the society in London. The Veitch Medal had been awarded by the society to the Banffshire Horticultural Society to mark their 150th anniversary this year. The silver-inscribed medal was awarded to the best collection of vegetables, which is also the North of Scotland Championship. Mr Dey - a renowned figure in show circles, won the title and the medal. Secretary of the Banffshire society, Mr James Davidson, said that the medal has now been delivered to Mr Dey. He told the Banffshire Journal: "This is a rare award indeed. The Banffshire society was honoured to have been given the Veitch Medal by the RHS. Andy is a well-deserved winner of the medal. There are very few in Scotland, and the society is delighted that one belongs to a local grower." The secretary emphasised that the award of the Veith Medal is a "one-off" affair.

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