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'Rewarding, fun and with the potential to change lives'

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Early learning and childcare has a variety of career paths which you can follow and which will provide a rewarding pathway.


Scottish Government Viewpoint

IN early learning and childcare, there are plenty of jobs available and lots of opportunities to get on the job training and qualifications.

The qualifications you need vary depending on the different roles from support worker to manager.

Here are some examples of the careers:

• Support worker: As a support worker you'll spend your day looking after small children – playing, caring for them, and making sure they are learning lots. This is an "entry level" role and it's a great way to get started in early learning and childcare and train while you work.

• Practitioner: As an early learning and childcare practitioner you'll be responsible for meeting the care, support and learning needs of the children you look after. It will be your job to make sure the children are all constantly developing and learning – you'll often work with other practitioners and families to do this. Most school leavers will find that training to be a practitioner is right for them.

• Manager: As a manager (or lead practitioner) you'll be tasked with the overall development, management and quality of the childcare.

It will be your job to lead a group of staff, budgets, planning, and the bigger decision making in the nursery.

You'll also keep a close eye on each child's development and will take the lead on positive and caring relationships with each child and their family.

You can build your career according to the way you like to learn, do work based qualifications, or attend college or university. Either way, you get lots of hands on practice as part of your training.

You might start as an early learning and childcare support worker, progress to practitioner and become a manager later down the line. There are lots of opportunities for progression.

If you are looking for a job that's rewarding, fun and has the potential to change lives, early learning and childcare could be a great career.

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