Published: 24/03/2017 11:11 - Updated: 24/03/2017 11:38

Pupils launch drive to tackle dog fouling in Banff

THE enhanced provision class at Banff Primary School has launched a series of initiatives to tackle the problem of dog fouling.

Banff pupils support our PUP campaign.
Banff pupils support our PUP campaign.

The children have been exploring how germs grow by monitoring slices of bread which have been left over a number of weeks to grow mould.

Teacher Dorothy Reid said: "We have one slice of bread which had only been touched by us wearing sterile gloves, another with our newly-washed hands, one with our hands, and another has dog poo on it. They have been kept in a sealed bag and we will hopefully see a difference in each one.

"The class have looked at viruses, parasites and bacteria carried by dogs and found that dog poo is more toxic than humans, cows and horses put together."

The pupils launched their campaign against dog fouling, in conjunction with the Banffshire Journal’s Pick Up the Poo (PUP) campaign, after having to dodge dog poo left on pavements on their way to the swimming pool and around the entrance to the school.

The class have been out on the streets recording the poo on the pavements by taking photographs. They have also made posters and talking posters to get their message across.

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