Published: 14/03/2018 10:28 - Updated: 14/03/2018 11:03

Memorial to be built at Duff House


Duff House suffered extensive damage during the World War II bombings.
MOVES are under way to create a lasting memorial to the people who died in the World War II bombing of Duff House in Banff.


On Monday, July 22, 1940, a German Heinkel 111 aircraft dropped four bombs on Duff House just after 9am.

During the conflict, the house was used as an internment camp, a prisoner of war camp and the headquarters for various Allied regiments.

The bombing raid by the Luftwaffe killed six German prisoners and two guards, injured others and extensively damaged the mansion.

Friends of Duff House have been researching the events surrounding the bombing and trying to delve into some of the mysteries that have been uncovered.

A lot of work has taken place over the last two years in obtaining copies of original records from various sources.

As as result the group, together with Historic Environment Scotland, will be erecting a memorial to all eight of those that died in the bombing.

Chairman of Friends of Duff House, Ian Williams, said: "Dr David Clark has written about this day and its aftermath, and Paul Mengelberg is a name some may know, who was one of the German prisoners of war at the time and subsequently re-visited.

"The intent is that a dedication service of the memorial will be held on Sunday, July 22.

"Our group is requesting assistance with names and any contacts for anyone that was in Banff or Macduff on that day as we would like to invite them to the dedication service.

"Also any memories or information, anything salvaged from around that time, any photos taken at the time or afterwards, that may just have that little clue to help solve any of the remaining mysteries, then we can display in a pop-up museum in July this year."

In 1942, Duff House became the headquarters for the Norwegian Brigade. After the war, it was a base for Polish soldiers awaiting resettlement in Scotland.

Anyone who can assist Friends of Duff House can contact them by email: or via its Facebook page.

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