Published: 06/06/2017 14:46 - Updated: 06/06/2017 15:08

Flower hanging basket volunteers needed

Banff and Macduff In Bloom volunteers at work.
Banff and Macduff In Bloom volunteers at work.

A GROUP will install more than 200 ower hanging baskets in Banff and Macduff.

A small team of people keep Banff and Macduff In Bloom going throughout the year, gardening elsewhere so that there are funds to buy compost fertiliser and spares for the bowser.

Volunteers will plant up the hanging baskets at the back of Banff Town Hall on Thursday from 10am, which has been changed from Wednesday due to weather, and anybody interested in helping out is encouraged to go along.

Ian Williams of Banff and Macduff In Bloom said: "In previous years it has only taken two to three hours to get all 200 baskets made up and many thanks to all those that have helped achieve this.

"The session is held in the garden at the back of the Banff Town Hall, via the blue door near the bottom of Seafeld Street – there will be a sign.

"Everyone is welcome; there are all sorts of jobs to do, from mixing compost and fertiliser, checking the safety of the chains on the baskets, the actual planting and watering the baskets.

"Even if the weather isn’t as sunny as we would all like, there is enough undercover space for the planting to still go ahead in comfort."

The baskets are then left a few days to settle, and the job of hanging them around the towns is set for a session on Sunday, starting at 10am, meeting at the Banff Town Hall garden.

Mr Williams added: "Once again there are jobs for all abilities, carrying the baskets out to the trailer, climbing a ladder to hang them on the brackets, wiping the baskets clean and passing up tie-wraps to secure the baskets.

"Both sessions have been well attended in the past but more volunteers are always welcome as it makes the job easier for everyone.

"The results are really pleasing as the plants grow in the baskets, which helps residents and visitors alike to enjoy our towns even more."

No particular gardening skills are needed to join Banff and Macduff In Bloom.

All compost, plants and baskets will be ready for volunteers to get to work with.

The group is for people who are keen to improve on their gardening skills or for experienced gardeners who want to pass on their skills.

As well as creating a colourful summer display for the twin towns, the work is also a chance to meet new people who have horticulture as a shared interest.

Hanging baskets have been installed in Banff and Macduff for many years.

The group maintains them over the summer months and takes them down in autumn.

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