Published: 13/02/2008 00:00 - Updated: 21/11/2011 19:51

Brawling brothers punished for doorstep assault

TWO brothers who admitted a doorstep assault in Macduff suffered different punishments at Banff Sheriff Court last Tuesday. The teenage brother admitted the assault while on supervised release from prison, and has been sentenced to a total of six months' imprisonment. His elder brother was given 90 hours' community service for his part in the same attack. Brothers David Reid (19), Shore House, Flat 5, High Shore, Banff and Martin Reid (25), 5 Tocher Street, Macduff were appearing for sentencing after admitting charges of assault at a previous hearing. David Reid had earlier pleaded guilty to repeatedly punching and biting the victim outside his home at Newtown Drive, Macduff on July 25 last year. His brother, Martin Reid, admitted repeatedly punching the same man to the head and body and kicking him to the body. In sentencing the brothers, Sheriff Patrick Davies said: "I take the view that this was a very serious assault on someone who simply answered the door. "He was assaulted at his door in the presence of his partner and child. "People in this part of the world should be able to answer the door without worrying about this happening. They should be safe in their own home. He told David Reid: "At the time of the offence, you were under supervision after release from a fairly lengthy period of detention. "You are a young man who has been before this court on four occasions for significant offending. "I am conscious that you didn't throw the first blow. However, you know your disposition and temper problem and you went along with your brother anyway. "In the circumstances, I resolve that it would be appropriate to recall you to custody." Sheriff Davies handed down a sentence of three months' imprisonment and also ordered his recall from detention release for another offence for a further three months. Turning to Martin Reid, the sheriff told him that he had the benefit of being a first offender, and had been described by his employers as a hard worker. However, he also noted that he had thrown the first punch and had not been particularly remorseful. The sheriff said: "The offence justifies imprisonment, but community service in lieu in this case is appropriate." David Reid's defence solicitor Debbie Wilson earlier told the court that her client showed remorse immediately after the attack and claimed that he was a young man who was maturing. She said: "As he was leaving and taking his brother with him, he turned and apologised. He regrets being drawn into this matter. "His periods in custody have assisted him in maturing. Day to day he is realising that he shouldn't drink to this extent. "It's a drip, drip, drip effect it's slowly getting through to him. There is no quick fix but it won't protect the public if he goes back to prison for a few months." Stuart Beveridge, solicitor for Martin Reid, told the Sheriff: "He accepts that he went to the house and struck him first. "There was an ongoing feud, but it hadn't manifested itself in a physical way before. "He effectively lost his temper after the argument got out of control. "When the complainer's partner intervened, he realised he shouldn't have done what he'd done." At a previous hearing, Procurator Fiscal Depute David Barclay told the court that the brothers went to the home of the victim after learning that he had "slagged off" their friends and girlfriends. When he answered the door an argument ensued. Martin Reid struck the victim, who stumbled and fell. His brother joined the struggle, punching and biting the man as they rolled about on the floor. Martin Reid also kicked the man on the body during the attack.

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